Tamper Evident Labels

Tamper Evident Labels are designed to show strong visual proof of tampering

Tamper Evident Security Labels

  • After a security label has been has been applied if it is then later lifted the security label proudly displays evidence of this.
  • The properties in the label and in the adhesive show a message to indicate the tampering.
  • Once lifted, you are unable to reconstitute the security label to its original form after tampering.
  • These come in two formats:
    • Permanent Adhesives. When the permanent labels are lifted they leave behind a residue with the message shown both in the residue and in the top sheet that has been lifted.
    • Peelable Adhesive, when the peelable label is lifted there is no residue left behind and the messaging is displayed in the top sheet.

  • Each label is supplied with a unique serial number. This allows you to track parcels and ensure the label hasn’t been replaced after tampering.
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