Thermal Transfer Label Printer
• Argox & Datamax Label Printers   • Comes with easy to use software   • Includes installation & basic training
• Services, repairs, backup available   • Desktop printers to industrial printers

Thermal Transfer Ribbons
• Wax – Wax/Resin – Resin Ribbons  • Slit to a range of cost effective Sizes
• Commonly black, some colours available  • Wound In / Out available.

We will provide the barcode and label printing solution you need.  Labels that stick, withstand the elements.  Whether it is chemicals, weather, abrasion, cold and hot we can provide the solution for you to label.  We will supply, install and train you to use one of our label printers.  The Argox range of printers we sell are widely used in the market.  We have the parts on hand so services and repairs can be done in cities around the country with a quick turn around.  Great value for money and will make your labelling a breeze.

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