Continuous Business Forms

Personalise your company’s business forms to give them a professional image with your company’s branding.

  • Forms-Elite can print your business forms in up to 4 spot colours to incorporate your company’s logo.
  • We can also print your terms and conditions on the back to ensure your documents have all the necessary legal information on them. 
  • Your documents can have up to 6 copies plus an original.
  • Use colour tints on certain of the copies for easy identification of which copy goes to which department.
  • Screens and watermarks will give your documents an added professional look whilst putting your brands in your customers eyeline.
  • Glue lines are used on documents where security is required. Documents such as payslips often have this requirement.
  • Extra perforations allow sections of the document to easily be torn from the document. Many Statements have this for the remittance advices.
  • Finally we can pre-number the documents to allow for easy tracking of every document.